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Learn everything you need to know about social selling to build your online presence, drive lead generation and increase revenue.

Social Selling

Learn how to showcase your talents as a sales person and maximise your potential to close more deals than ever before through social selling.

Topics covered include
  • Sales & Influence

    Discover how you can close bigger deals by subtly influencing your audience even when you’re not active.

  • Finding The Right People

    Find the right people for you and your business. Learn how to collect their contact information so you can start connecting with the right people.

  • Your Prof-ersonal Brand

    Build a network with a recognisable brand that people can associate with top quality.

  • Engaging with Insights

    Use social media to become an influencer and build relationships with your online network to increase brand awareness.

  • Through using the Social Talent platform, I've been able to continuously improve my skills which really sets me apart from the crowd. I access the platform a couple of times a week and build on the 4 certificates I've already completed. There's always more to learn.

    Sumit Parashar
  • The Social Talent platform provides me with valuable information on an ongoing basis. To date, I've accumulated 5 certifications and continue to spend a few hours on the platform every week to try to keep my skills fresh as new content gets released. You'd be surprised just how much you can advance your skills, even when you think you know how to do things already!

    Jordan Narancich
  • The learning platform is really informative and so easy to use. There is value in every lesson and it's great to be able to revisit lessons if you need to refresh your knowledge.

    Patrick Ngoi

Digital Marketing

Build a digital presence that speaks for itself. Make people interested in what you have to say and encourage
them to find out more about you and what you have to offer.

Increased Digital

Get noticed by the
right people

Improve Inbound
Sales and Leads

More people want to hear
what you’ve got to say

Win More Deals

Convert your leads into
real opportunities that
become closed deals

Real Time
Behavioural Learning

Learning that sticks
for long term results

“It’s like Netflix for learning"

Kevin Blair, Cisco

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Social Selling is a comprehensive programme designed to improve lead generation and drive more revenue for your business using social media, digital technology and behavioural science.

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