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Learn how to showcase your talents as a recruiter and build your
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Topics covered include
  • Internet Recruitment

    Learn to use all of your resources in the most efficient way possible with tried and tested methods.

  • Strategic Sourcing

    Unlock your team's potential. Find candidates nobody else can find and watch your results speak for themselves.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    Learn about unconscious bias and the best practices for diversity in recruitment.

  • Tech Recruiting

    Analyse key industry trends so you can attract the best tech talent in the business.

  • Digital Marketing

    Build a digital media strategy that delivers your message even when you're not directly contacting people.

  • Predicting Success: Interview Training

    Everything your hiring managers need to interview and select the best talent and create a better candidate experience.

  • The biggest impact for me from using the Social Talent platform is that it’s helped our recruiters to change the way that they deliver recruitment on a day-to-day basis.

  • I’ve gone from a 25% InMail response rate to 44% and above which has helped me to really stand out as a recruiter


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Kevin Blair, Cisco

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