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Predicting Success Interviewer Training

Everything you need to engage hiring teams, create a better candidate experience and improve phone to interview to offer ratios!


In our Predicting Success Programme we will go beyond behavioural interviewing 101 and teach you to focus not just on whether or not the candidate is a good cultural fit, but also whether they’ll meet your hiring bar and if they can deliver at the level you expect. You can’t do all of this with traditional “tell me about a time” questions, and you certainly can’t do it by counting years of experience or looking at pedigree to predict capabilities. But you can do it with the practical takeaways you’ll get from our Black Belt in Predicting Success: Interviewer Training!


What You Will Learn

  • Engage Hiring Teams

    How to define your hiring standards, make evidence-based hiring decisions and write great feedback

  • Create a Great Interview Process

    How to setup a quality interview process and ensure you have the right interviewers, focused on the right criteria

  • Develop Situational & Behavioural Interviewing Techniques

    How to create and leverage best-practice behavioural, situational, role play, problem solving and white-board questions

  • Make Great Hiring Decisions

    How to develop your hiring philosophy ensuring your interviewing team make the right trade-offs when faced with imperfect candidates

  • Sell Candidates

    How to attract and sell top candidates by leveraging smart questions and speaking to A-player motivator

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Our Black Belt in Predicting Success: Interviewer Training is a comprehensive interview training program designed to help your hiring managers and interviewers hire the right talent for your organisation.

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