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We deliver the Black Belt in Internet Recruitment Certification through our exclusive online platform.

Short “micro-learning” videos (2-3 mins) teach users how to write better job ads, find candidates no-one else can find, brand themselves online, build a sustainable network and better engage with talent across multiple platforms.


What’s covered

...Self directed micro-learning for recruiters Enterprise scale learning delivered how you want
  • Getting Started:
    Select Your Combat Tools
  • Job Advertising:
    Become a Talent Magnet
  • Search Basics:
    Become a Search Master
  • LinkedIn Sourcing:
    Master LinkedIn Advanced Search
  • Engaging Talent:
    Acquire & Engage Your Talent
  • Recruiting on XING:
    Master Xing Search
  • Personal Branding:
    Build an Honourable Reputation
  • Build Your Network:
    Assemble Your Clan
  • Social Networks:
    Understand the Power of Social
  • Employer Branding:
    Unlock Your Employer Brand
  • Social Sourcing:
    Unleash the Power of Social
  • Expert Sourcing:
    Stealth Sourcing

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The Black Belt in Internet Recruitment course is recommended for recruiters, recruitment researchers, sourcers, human resource professionals and executive search consultants and will teach you how to become a more efficient, proactive and effective Recruiter.

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