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In this video we look at how the Black Belt in Internet Recruitment Training has helped some of the hiring teams at Groupon and the impact it has had on their clients and their business.



In this video we look at how the Black Belt in Internet Recruitment Training has helped some of the hiring teams at Capita and the impact it has had on their clients and their business.



We asked the Experis Sweden team to give us feedback on our Black Belt in Internet Recruitment course. Here’s what they had to say



In this video we look at how the Black Belt in Internet Recruitment Training has helped some of the hiring team at the Hertz Dublin Office.


Pontoon (Previously Hyphen)

In this video we look at how the Black Belt in Internet Recruitment Training has helped some of the hiring team at the Adecco office in Keel.


Joe Peck, Intel

Social Talent is by far the best and most comprehensive recruiting tool that I have seen in my twelve years of technical recruiting. Unlike other recruiter trainings I have taken in the past, I use the Social Talent concepts daily and am excited at the results I get

Lauren Howie, Hudson

So far I have completed 3 modules and it has been extremely useful! It has been a great refresher on sourcing skills I was taught way back when and the new tips that I have learnt have been invaluable in sourcing some of the business’ more complex requirements. It has also been encouraging to hear Social Talent’s approach to recruitment. These strategies are something I tried to use in my previous role on my own initiative, only to be told I was wrong and traditional methods would always win out. It’s reassuring to see that I do know what I am talking about and I am delighted to be in an environment that embraces that! Thanks very much for procuring this solution and the work you’ve have done on it in the background. Money well spent!

Jessica Stock, Higher Plain Executive Placement

As an executive recruiter I’m always looking for new techniques and “tricks” for sourcing candidates in the various industries we work in. After coming across Social Talent on YouTube and learning SO MUCH from the free content that was available, I knew I had to learn more. I’m so glad Higher Plain invested in Social Talent’s internet recruitment training. The content is so useful and helpful, not to mention engaging and interactive. I love how they have their program set up. I’ve completed the course, and I’m now a certified “Ninja”! I can honestly say our processes for reaching out to candidates has never been so efficient or effective. I wish I’d completed this years ago!

Brian Nordon, Sigmar

I went onto the course with basic search strings that I created individually every time I went to find someone. Now, after completing the course… I have my own customized toolkit that helps me find almost anyone that has an online presence. My search strings are now more intricate and help me find the best possible candidates in nearly a tenth of the time it had previously taken me. Johnny and Holly customised the training to suit each individual that attended the course. I personally learned how to attract candidates within my market and to gain a competitive advantage within the Recruitment Industry.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone that is serious about a career in Recruitment.

Geisell Jayne, Motorola Mobility – a Google Company

I originally found Social Talent on YouTube and fell in love with the Wednesday webinars. The information shared is empowering and truly promotes a smarter recruiter/sourcer. The new skills I’d picked up made a huge difference in my everyday recruiting life. The difference in my recruiting style was so obvious to me, I decided to purchase the paid training.  I’m extremely pleased and would recommend the training to anyone without reservations. Social Talent is truly giving me the right skills to succeed in a very competitive market and in many ways changed my work life. Social Talent rocks!

Simon McIvor, B9 Energy O&M Ltd

What a fantastic, interactive and engaging course that has resulted in immediate benefits to my everyday job.  I have attended many training courses, but none that have exceeded my expectations more than the Black Belt course with Social Talent.

Britt van Capelleveen, Randstad

I highly recommend every recruiter/sourcer to follow this course. Not only is it all about Boolean search on different social networks, but Social Talent also provides you with a structured way to work. Very useful in your daily job if you are the one responsible to find & attract future talent.

Annette Marie Kollenborg, Xtra Personell

The course was excellent! In sum: highly engaging trainer, interesting and relevant content. Boolean search made easy.  I learned tips and tricks that will make my day as a researcher more effective and hopefully my results much better.  I flew all the way from Norway to attend this course, and it was definitely worth the trip!

Sophie Thalmessinger, Saudi Aramco

I really enjoyed the training and it has definitely enabled me to find more Engineers, I’ve been headhunting this morning using the tips you showed us and it’s already made a huge difference. My feedback is that it was extremely worthwhile and entertaining and really good fun.

Diego Cardenal, Humanis AG

Thank you very much! It feels great to be a Ninja! I really enjoyed the training, it is very well structured and I feel even a veteran recruiter can profit from the course. I especially like the additional content you guys provide, it’s really great. Big kudos overall!

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