Everybody loves something for nothing, so why not help yourself to our library of free resources for Recruiters? Start by trying out SourceHub, our exclusive one-stop shop for sourcing tools. We also host monthly recruitment webinars covering the hottest topics within the industry and offer everyday recruiting tools to make your sourcing activities easier!

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    If you’re looking to dramatically improve your sourcing efforts and significantly cut down the time it takes to find the best candidates, then you’ve come to the right place! Not only do we have the world’s only Boolean-string generator with online integration that covers the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter, Github, Behance, About.me and StackOverFlow, we also have 3 exclusive custom search engines that allow you to source candidates directly within other professional networks like Xing and Viadeo.

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    Monthly Wednesday Webinars

    Every month we host a free, 30-40 minute training webinar on Social Recruiting covering a wide range of sourcing related topics from how to source like a ninja on LinkedIn to using Twitter to recruit. Places are limited to 500 attendees so be sure to book your place early!

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