"We saw a 24% rise in gross profit due to the influx of new hires"

HRU Technical Resources increases hires by 21% in 9 months

HRU Technical Resources has been running a successful technical recruitment agency for over 35 years.
 In an increasingly competitive industry, the agency wanted to stand out from the crowd by supplying their recruiters with the best tools to implement better quality hires. Having already tested an in-house recruiting model, Tim Sackett (President of HRU Technical Resources) looked to further maximise his team’s leads and to source better quality candidates.

The Challenge

  • HRU Technical Resources needed a sourcing solution that would drive recruiters to make better quality hires.
  • Recruiters spent the majority of their days trawling through databases with limited success. This meant that Tim and his team needed a solution to ensure that his recruiters could target candidates by using more productive methods.

The Goal

  • The company wanted to reframe their recruiters sourcing skills and to get them up to speed within the first 90 days.
  • They wanted to provide their recruiters with the tools and techniques that would enable them to source quality candidates.

The Results

  • Since implementing the Social Talent learning platform, HRU Technical Resources has seen a dramatic reduction in the use of traditional job boards and an increase in hires from LinkedIn and Indeed.
  • Recruiters were able to increase the number of hires from their own ATS (Applicant Tracking System) by developing and improving their Boolean search strings.

The number of overall hires increased
 by 22%


Increase in hires generated through
 use of a free LinkedIn user account.


Increase in hires from the company’s own internal ATS.


Candidate referrals increased by 55%.

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