Bermuda Jobs on Facebook

The way that we consume digital information has changed.  In the early days of the internet (mid 90s to early oo's), your email inbox was king; it was a source…
Posted by Jonathan Campbell

Why don't the Canadians like LinkedIn?

I have been working on a search for a client for the last 2 weeks and in that time I have been looking on Linked In for people in most…
Posted by Jonathan Campbell

The Future of ATS's (Applicant Tracking Systems)

I have been using various Applicant Tracking Systems in recruitment for the last 12 years.  The first system I ever used was Bond's Adapt, a then UNIX based database that…
Posted by Jonathan Campbell

Handy new productivity tips for Google Calendar

I love Google Calendar.  Let me just get it out there.  It sends me texts to remind me to call clients, notifies me of family birthdays, allows my client to…
Posted by Jonathan Campbell

Social Media Strategy - Tinker As You Go

I asked my family to review a short video/presentation that we produced describing how Select People recruit using social media and it's importance to recruitment today and into the future.…
Posted by Jonathan Campbell

The LinkedIn last

In the last month I have been inundated with connection requests in Linked In, but not from the usual industry peers and open networkers, these are mails from people I…
Posted by Jonathan Campbell

Green shoots (but don't tell anyone!)

I had a very interesting evening at the Irish Recruiter Tuesday Club last night where, amongst other things, we chatted about whether the Irish market was beginning to bounce back.…
Posted by Jonathan Campbell

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