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LinkedIn-Logo-Transparent-200pxIt’s common knowledge that more complete profiles are ranked as “more relevant” than incomplete profiles in LinkedIn search, but now it’s official, according to the LinkedIn blog that landed in our inboxes this lunchtime.

Whenever a LinkedIn search is run, LinkedIn have their own ranking relevance that typically goes in this order:

  1. 1st degree contacts that are 100% complete or nearest to it, have the most in-common connections and shared groups, and ranked in descending order
  2. 1st degree contacts, that are 100% complete or nearest to it, and ranked in descending order
  3. 2nd degree contacts, that are 100% complete or nearest to it, and ranked in descending order
  4. 3rd degree contacts, that are 100% complete or nearest to it, and ranked in descending order
  5. Shared group contacts that are otherwise unconnected to you, from 100% complete or nearest to it, and ranked in descending order
  6. Everyone else with high profile completeness
  7. Everyone else who have low profile completeness.

LinkedIn 100% Profile CompletenessCrucially, if you’re looking for a job or want to make yourself known across LinkedIn in order to promote your company or services, profile completeness MATTERS. And thankfully, LinkedIn have started to update their profile completeness ratio leaning more towards sections of your profile that you can control, like adding a photo or adding past positions. Before now, most people were stuck at 85% completeness because they didn’t have any recommendations, which realistically are out of our control.

Here are the steps to take to get to 100% completeness on LinkedIn and improve your visibility in search, as told by LinkedIn:

  1. Add a profile photo
  2. List a minimum of 2 past positions you’ve held, along with descriptions of your roles
  3. Have 5 or more skills on your profile
  4. Write a summary about yourself
  5. Fill out your Industry and postal code (note for Irish readers: this doesn’t affect us, as LinkedIn thankfully know we’re too wee to have postal codes.)
  6. Add where you went to school or college
  7. Have 50 or more connections.

Why is it important to complete your profile?

Holly's LinkedIn Profile PhotoWell here’s two reasons to add a profile photo: 1) LinkedIn themselves have stated that by adding a profile photo you increase your relevancy in search by 7 fold. 2) People like faces, they like human beings. Be social, and put your best face forward. (Yes I realise the duality of my statement considering my profile is a caricature. It really is my best face.) And as for detailing your last two jobs? They increase your visibility in search by 12 fold. This is a phenomenal boost, so go and do it!

So, some of you may have found your LinkedIn profile has jumped from a stagnant 85% to now 100% (yay!). Tell us what do you really look for in a LinkedIn profile? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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