The Truth About Facebook Fan-Page Messaging

Facebook recently confirmed that Brand Pages would be able to privately message fans, which sent social-media savvy recruiters into an excited flurry at this opportunity to reach out to potential candidates simply by them having liked their page. There has been some miscommunication and confusion around this matter, and unfortunately we've been reliably informed that this rather magical communication path is a dead end.
Posted by Holly Fawcett

How To: Create A Poll Within A Group on LinkedIn

Here's a really neat feature we discovered on LinkedIn this morning - as a member of a group on LinkedIn, you can now start a poll amongst your group members as well as a discussion. So now if you want to get a real debate going within a group and ask fellow opinion on a particular topic, group members can respond to your discussion in poll format really simply and easily by selecting their answer. Done and done.
Posted by Holly Fawcett

LinkedIn - Predictions for 2012

As of the end of September, professionals are signing up to join LinkedIn, the business-oriented social networking site, at an incredible rate - more than two new members per second.
Posted by Holly Fawcett

Recruiting in Romania - Top Sites to Source From

Do you recruit in Romania? Romania is continuing to grow and its industrial sectors are booming, drawing talent to it from all over CEE. If you've a mandate to recruit for Romania, here are some ways to source more profiles using popular local networking sites.
Posted by Holly Fawcett

How To: Search LinkedIn for Contract or Temp Staff

How to find Contract or Temporary Staff using LinkedIn search techniques - writing Boolean strings to search LinkedIn externally for data that indicates temporary or contract personnel, and Advanced Searching LinkedIn for short-term or contract staff.
Posted by Johnny Campbell
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