Much has been bandied about the web on mobile recruiting, further not helped by ridiculous-sounding statistics like “By the end of 2012, the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the number of people on earth”, which is actually true! (Source: Cisco Global Mobile Data white paper). Note: Don’t get scared, this is not the realisation of iRobot. It’s not just mobile phones, it also includes things like RFID tags which track products and parts being shipped around the world.

But what we simply cannot ignore is that mobile internet traffic has grown significantly even from as recently as 2010 (that same Cisco report states that 2011 mobile internet traffic grew 2.3 fold over 2010). As more and more people around the globe switch to smart-phones (an internet-enabled mobile phone), it presents us with opportunities for communication directly with consumers and potential employees like promoting our vacancies to them, promoting our company, products and services to them, and presenting promenant calls to action that people can do what we want them to do: in our case as recruiters, it’s apply for a job. (more…)

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